Logo Design

Needing a custom logo built? Check out a few of our examples. We build custom logos to your liking. You give us a few examples to what you might be thinking for a logo and we build the logo until you are satisfied. Contact us today and find out how!
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Mommas on the Move

Mommas On The Move is a local blogger looking to get a fun logo to showcase her blog. I had a blast working with them to get exactly what they were looking for.

Send Really Fun Cards

Have you ever run into a situation where you need to send a card, but just don’t have the time to run to the store and buy a physical card? Well Send Really Fun Cards might be the solution for you. This domain links up to Send Out Cards so that you can connect and send cards from anywhere, even your cell phone.

Thanks for letting me design your logo!

Real Estate Company Logo Ideas

Many companies are out there, and real estate is one of the biggest ones. We had a company who was very interested in starting their own business, and we created them a logo. While in the process of of creating the logo we made many different types of logos for them to choose from.

Fun Company Logos

Every company needs a logo, it is what defines your company, and speaks to who you are. Whether its a letter logo, a logo that speaks to your brand, or something completely random, we can do that that for you.

Freedom Edge Design

Freedom edge design was a business that I originally started and was soon switched to StruikDesign. The logo went through a series of ideas as you can see to the left. This is what we do when designing a logo. We come up with a handful of ideas and then present them to you and from there the logo you want is turned into everything you dreamed. 

Letter Logo Design

Often times companies use the first letter in their business name to design their logo. We as StruikDesign have done the same thing. Check out some of the letter ideas that we have created in the past for a few companies.